WANTED: Street-Smart Contractors Who Want to AVOID Failure Before It’s Too Late!

“Discover How You Can Quickly and Easily Put Your Construction Business On the Right Track … Without The Pain and Suffering of Trying to Do It Alone!


Henry G

From the Desk of: Henry Goudreau, C.S.L.
“America’s #1 Business-Building Coach for Contractors!”


Dear Fellow Contractor:

Allow me to be right up front with you. I’m not just another so-called guru who ‘thinks’ to know how to build a successful contracting company. Like you, I’m a contractor, but I’m one who has done it. If you started your construction business on a shoestring and in the front seat of a pickup truck, you and I have a lot in common!

Like you, I started my construction business with very little money. However, I built it into a rewarding multi-million corporation that survived three economic downturns and, into one of ENR’s Top 400 American Construction Companies. I did all that, once I learned the correct business model and implemented it. Then . . . I sold it and walked away at the young age of 42.

For the last twenty years, I’ve shown hundreds of contractors how to build a successful construction business. Some, I’m proud to say, have gone on to make millions of dollars for themselves in the process. I’m NOT selling hype, get rich quick schemes, or the ambiguous magic pill. So before I continue, I have to warn you …

What I’m about to tell you might make you mad. It might rattle your bones or shake your nerves. It will undoubtedly question your inner soul and mindset. Even so, this be sure: it will help you to end the worries, frustrations and uncertainties in your business. It will certainly help you and your construction business to become more profitable as long as you read this with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Before we continue …

Let me ask you right up front.

workAre you Facing any of these situations in your construction business?

x Being plagued by income fluctuations, the “yo-yo” syndrome of having work and money one minute and nothing the next? And even worse, not knowing when you will have some work or money?

x Sick and tired of dealing with the “low bid” arena, struggling just to find work and make a decent living. Never getting paid what you’re really worth, and your income feels like it is on a “bungee cord”?

x Running your business makes you feel like a cat chasing its tail, constantly putting out fires in your own business, giving you a gut-wrenching feeling knowing you’re going nowhere like a hamster on a “treadmill”?

x No sales, the phone has stopped ringing and you’re not sure how to effectively market your construction services without spending a fortune?

If any of the above situations sound familiar, then you need to continue reading this information. I say that because like you, not long ago I stood in your shoes, suffering and frustrating over how to solve my problems. In fact, I was struggling with every one of the situations above. At least until I asked myself the same exact question I’m about to ask you.

stopAre You Ready to STOP Doing What Is Obviously NOT Working, and Learn What Works?

Believe me. If someone had told me 30 years ago that I would be revealing to you how I built a multi-million dollar construction business that started in the front seat of a blue F-150 pickup truck. That I would show you the exact formula, business model, and process I used with the aim of making me a millionaire at the age of 31. And . . . that I would hand-over to you, my coveted business-building blueprints which showed me how to easily survive THREE economic downturns, I would have laughed out loud in disbelief!

For some reason, I refused to believe that I had to struggle. It started way back in the front bench seat of the blue pickup. I was tired, almost “burnt-out!” I was fed up with working 12 or more hours a day. I remember that gut-wrenching feeling getting up at 4 AM so I could be on the job early in order to get everyone started. I know the numbness of feeling “dog tired.” I remember sitting at my kitchen table working on my bills, writing checks, worrying about payroll and feeling like someone was pulling my fingernails out by their roots!

I know you may think my story is too good to be true. I know you may even be ‘skeptical’ because I was the “Ultimate Skeptic” in the beginning. Nevertheless, you need to know we share a common experience in owning our own construction businesses.

You see, back then we didn’t have the power of the technology that we have today. Finding help or answers was as gut-churning an experience as ever. Plenty of so-called gurus or consultants, however, none of them had been in the trenches like you and I. No one has spent as much time or money as I did sifting and weeding out the bad from the useful.

I want you to understand that I’ve been there and done that.

Shoot ahead to the present and the same goes for today. No one gives you the “goods.” The proven methods or what really works. They give you bits and pieces, yes, but not the whole thing. Why? Because either they don’t have it or don’t know it.

My premise for saying this is not to impress you, but impress upon you the incredible power this has for you and your construction business. I also want to be right up front and tell you it’s also not to make you my friend. I’m trying to honor the attention you’ve chosen to point my way and explain to you the real value and understanding I possess in helping you and your business.

Helping you and your business is one of the purposes of this information.

Now, I know you’re probably asking yourself.

Will this work in your construction business? In your area? And with your customers? Or, if you think your business is different. I assure you it will. It has already worked for hundreds of contractors who have learned and implemented my information. I’ve seen it transform mediocre construction businesses to winners almost overnight. It works for any type of contractor as long as you implement and develop it in your construction business.

A strong statement, I know. However, I’m going to give you an opportunity to discover it for yourself without any risk for you. In fact, if you find it not up to your expectations, I’ll give you your registration fee back; reimburse you of your documented travel expenses and give you an ‘extra’ $500 for your inconvenience. How many other so-called guru’s that you have come across, believe so deeply in their information that they have offered you in order to help you and your construction business, how many … have EVER taken the risk out of working with them, and willing to hand over an ‘extra’ $500 for your inconvenience? None, I suspect.

Make no mistakes, this is a business, and I do collect money. I’m also not cheap. However, my goal is to make sure that the information I deliver is worthy and useful in helping you and your business, helping you far in excess of what funds you have given me.

I am also 100% confident in the value of what I’m about to offer you.

But first,

Here is One ‘Thing’ That Is Holding You Back In Your Construction Business!

When we first start our own construction business, we ‘think’ our construction skills will be all we need to become successful. All we have to do is get a job, and by the way, the phone will be ringing off the hook with people wanting to throw their money at us to do their work.

The truth is, if it was that easy, everyone would be making money hands-over-fists. Obviously . . . that's not the case.

As long as you ‘think’ that your construction skills will make you successful, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

You see. I too thought that my great construction skills would make me a fortune, and that’s the trap!

The minute you focus on honing your construction skills because you believe that they are the straight and narrow path to success, you fail.

You fail because you fell into the trap of trading time for money. You focus on the moment. You completely ignored the big picture by not honing your business skills instead.

The truth is you own a business, not a trade. The trade ‘thing’ is limited by the amount of time you have, and the hourly rate you charge. You need the trade knowledge to make the hourly ‘thing’ possible, however in order to make any “real” money, you need the business skills.

Without them, you’re always working for the next job, next check, next draw, that next “thing” that will put money in your pocket. Then, without good business skills, you don’t ‘manage’ the money properly and be for you know it, the money is gone, and you need more money. You sell too cheap, fall prey to the low-price temptation because you don’t really understand your financial can’t put together a good marketing scheme or whatever. It’s a vicious, never-ending, down spiraling cycle.

Instead, you put all your time, energy, and focus on the MOMENT. Hence, you’re trading time for money!

If You Think Times Are Tough Now,
Take a Look at Your Future

There’s another reason I want to help you improve your business skills. Our business has suffered some HUGE changes. In fact, it will NEVER be the same. Doing business the old way is gone forever. Either you change or adapt, or it will run you over!

Let me ask you a question. Regardless of the economy, do you think the construction business is easier or tougher than it was 5 years ago? How about 2 years ago? Do you think it will get any easier in the next 2 or 5 years, or more challenging?

As for me, I’ve been observing, watching very closely. Times have never been tougher; however, they will get more difficult.

Be honest with yourself. Clients are fewer and more demanding than ever. They’re skeptical. They’re much more pricing sensitive. The “gravy train” of the past has left the station, never to return in our lifetimes.

And then there is the competition. Fewer jobs but still too many contractors fighting for what few jobs are around. Kind of like a pack of hungry wolves fighting over the scant remains of a dead field mouse.

Even so, I can tell you this with confidence. The contractors, who learn the specific skills of business and marketing … implementing them and mastering them, will clearly be the most successful.

And the Important Thing Is: You’re Not Born With Them, But You Learn Them!

Let’s look at the facts. You’ve read this far because what I have told you feels close to home. Maybe you don’t want to admit it, but you know it’s true.

Furthermore, because you read this far you know with certainties that if you had the knowledge of these business and marketing skills, you could make them work for you too.

Congratulations! Most contractors can’t get past their ego. They foolishly believe they don’t need help discovering these important skills. The worst ‘thing’ you can do is to do nothing at all!

The truth is this.

Most contractors waste precious time and money because they don’t know the right formula to make their construction businesses successful!

The secret is to understand the right formulas, the correct step-by-step easy to follow process to a successful business model that will put your business on the right track to success. Hard work, long hours, and lower pricing won’t do that!

ostridgeThe bottom-line is, in bad economic times, the majority of contractors hide their heads in the sand and foolishly hope and wait for things to get better.

Even worse, some will complain, whine and blame others for their misfortune. The truth is change is inevitable. It happens, and usually when you’re least suspecting or prepared for it to happen.

Change also creates HUGE opportunities for those who have their head screwed on right and are willing to position themselves properly.

Those with the right business skill sets will prosper.

That brings us to you.

How would you like to discover these business-building skill sets so you can maximize your earnings, increase sales, and attract the right customers for your business? Would that make getting up and going to work enjoyable and worth the effort for you?

What if I could show you how to remove nearly all the “uncertainty” out of your business? Would that make your life less stressful?

How about I not only show you how to take control of your business, but how to generate leads that you never will have with your present operation?

If what you’re presently doing is not working,
it is time to STOP doing it!

If your business is out-of-control, running your life into the ground, would you like to learn how to control it at this moment or sometime in the future? I’m certain now is the right time.

Understand this.

Successful businesses are made in good times and bad times. It isn’t the time that makes the difference; it is the business owner’s business-building skills!

“This Street-Smart System Pulled Me Through THREE Economic Downturns and It Can Do the Same for YOU!”

Let me get right to the point.

Would you be willing to spend two days with me here in Sarasota, FL on Dates to be announced so I can reveal the exact processes and procedures, the real skills you need to know in order to survive and thrive in today’s market; would you be willing to do show up?

Or …

Would you prefer to sputter along like you might be doing right now?

The choice is yours.

However …

Remember what I said earlier.

If what you’re presently doing is not working,
it is time to STOP doing it!

“Give Me 2 Days And I’ll Show You
As Easy As Turning a Water Faucet.”

Let me take you behind the scenes, lead you by your hand, and expose you to the closely guarded secrets of owning a successful construction business that no other guru wants you to know about!

The event is simply called:

Henry Goudreau’s - 16th SUPER Business-Building Conference for Contractors

You’ll enter with a desire to turn your business around . . . and leave 48 hours later, armed and ready to turn it around.

The cost? A paltry $1497 if you register now and take advantage of my “Early Bird Special!” That’s a $2,500.00 SAVINGS over the list price of $3,997.00!!!

And . . . additional attendees from the same company can attend for only $497 each!

WARNING! This “Special” pricing is limited and could be pulled at any minute depending on the number of responses!!!

However, don’t let the registration fee scare you away. This is the revealing information you’ve been searching for and can’t find from anyone else!

“Imagine for just one moment . . . .

You’ve had handed to you, on a silver platter, the Guaranteed, Proven, Step-by-Step, Contractor’s Business-Building Blueprint for Success, along with the knowledge, understanding, courage, confidence and your very own immediate implementation plan needed to turn your business around in the next 12 months . . .

In All Honesty, Wouldn’t That Be Worth Far More to You and to the Success of Your Business?”

Don’t Wait and Lose This
Special Pricing!

Register NOW!

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The truth is we’re talking about survival, your construction business, your life, your dreams, and the financial future of your family. Is how much even an issue when you consider what is at stake here?

Just imagine the profound difference it will make for you and your business.

Dear Henry

First let me say that after attending 3 of your conferences I have been able to take that information and build a system that has worked very well for my company, it has given me greater control. Considering this market . . . the most amazing thing is that I have raised my prices.

Frank Whalen
East Coast Building

P.S. When will you have the next conference?

There Is No Question In My Mind Those That Attend This Business-Building Conference Will Be Far More Successful In 2013 . . . Than Those That Didn’t Attend!

I WAS GOING IT ALONE.  I always thought I had the right knowledge, the right idea and the right focus.  But I never knew for sure.  I'd somehow lost my ability to be objective about my business.

After I attended one Henry's seminar, light bulbs starting going off one after another! I had FINALLY found someone who'd been there and I could trust to lead me where I wanted to go.

Henry's information is truly powerful! I've attended the last three conferences and have paid for my top employees to attend, too. Believe me, its money well-spent!

Dan Karcher

I’m almost certain that you wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t either experiencing the painful frustrations of having a business that is running you into the ground, or a tiny inkling that you’re on the precipice of becoming this economy's next unwilling victim.

signIf you refuse to become a victim of this down economy, understand that you are at a crossroad. At this moment, three paths beckon . . .

1. You can become a victim of this down economy, eventually going bankrupt or losing everything you’ve worked for your entire career!

2. You can abandon your dreams: You can just throw up your hands and go to work for someone braver than you. Somehow, I can’t see that making you very happy.

3. Or, you can get your hands on the business-building tools that will show you how to survive and thrive in this ever-changing economy!

I suspect taking advantage of getting these super potent business-building tools on your tool belt and start assuming control over your business and its future is really what you want.

Imagine, instead of living in fear, worrying that your business will collapse like a house of cards; you can take the right action and keep it alive and well.

Instead of just trying to make ends meet, you can have a workable plan to keep your business alive and money flowing into your checking account.

The choice is yours. However, I do know this.

My Unconditional Promise!

This event isn’t just another one of those boring “theory dumps” where nothing of substance is delivered. You will get proven, real-world content!

I promise that each and every presentation will be a major tidal rush of “hard-core” step-by-step, easy to follow instructions which you’ll be able to use instantly in your business. You will not fall victim to or lose your shirt in this runaway recession.

Now you can . . .

Break the Ruthless “Feast or Famine” Cycle Which Is Sucking the Lifeblood Out of Your Business and Life!

Imagine . . .

Putting an end to your sales slump, getting better control on your business and your future, making more money because you now have . . . IN YOUR POSESSION . . . the control, understanding and the workable plan to make it happen!

You’ll learn the step-by-step how to. You’ll know exactly how to put the pieces of your business puzzle together once and for all! No more running your business by the seat of your pants!!!

Don’t EVER Let Staying Home
Be Your Excuse for Failure!

As a business owner you really have to have a handle on what you should be doing next. This slumping economy is NOT going away quickly.

If you experience any of the following telltale signs, the time has come to recognize you and your business need you to attend this business-building conference.

checkmark You don’t sleep well at night due to business issues you may not be able to put your finger on or even have a clue what they are or how to fix them. You know something is wrong, but the source of the problem is evading you, gnawing at you.

checkmark You blindly follow conventional or gut wisdom even though it is leading you down a slippery slope.

checkmark You think dropping prices or working longer hours, or even worse, you can do it all yourself. Unfortunately, nothing is improving, it is only getting worse.

checkmark You feel like you’re a magnet for the cheap, cost cutting, clients from hell who want the job for nothing and refuse to pay.

checkmark You feel like a dog chasing its tail, never getting through the barriers that are holding you down.

Clearly, the time to do something has come. The time to act is now. You need the information that this conference will give you.

The GRIM Factor

To succeed in business, you need to know the GRIM Factor. How to properly;
row your business, Respect the existing capabilities and capacities you have,
Invest properly in the present and future, and Manage it in order to achieve it.

If you attend, I’ll explain in great detail plus show you how they impact or improve your business. The idea here is to follow a proven model, another ingredient you’ll get if you attend.

However, let me explain how this will work.

If you attend, I will provide the following:

But it doesn’t end there! I will also …

And that is just a sampling!

Don’t Wait and Lose This
Special Pricing!

Register NOW!

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No other conference of this nature offers this much focused and proven material to help you and your business. And, you’ll find no other presenter who will work this hard to make sure you get it all and can make the most of it.

But here is the best part.

My 'First Lunch' 100 Plus Guarantee Eliminates Your Risk. 

The principles and strategies taught in the SUPER Business Building Seminar has worked for the members of my Golden Hardhat Club members, hundreds of independent contractors, and it can work for you, too.  You simply can't lose if you put into practice the “STREET SMART SMARTS” this seminar teaches you step-by-step.  

guaranteeMy 'First Lunch' 100 Plus Guarantee places any risk on me. I not only guarantee that you'll be amazed and astounded by the principles and strategies taught in this seminar, but I guarantee by the end of lunch on the very first day that unless you're convinced this seminar is worth every penny, I'll refund your money PLUS give you up to $500 in documented travel expense reimbursement.

Like I said, you simply can't lose. Unless you choose not to attend but . . . not attending will not help your business in any form or manner. If that's your decision, there's not much I can help you with.

I’ve specifically designed this conference for independent contractors, teaching you everything I know about building a successful, functioning contracting business.

Who Should Attend This
Business-Building SUPER Conference
for Contractors

in Sunny Sarasota, Florida?

Contractors – who want to learn how to improve sales, increase profits and make their business grow using proven methods.

Contractors – who are looking to systemize their business so that they no longer work for the business, but the business works for them!

Contractors – who want to build a greater list of prospective clients with proven marketing techniques that drives them to their door.

Contractors – who want to stop working for nothing and possess the real understanding of their profitable price structure.

Contractors – who want to be light years ahead of their competition!

Anyone Interested In Owning
A Successful Construction Business … STARTING NOW?

Don’t Wait and Lose This
Special Pricing!

Register NOW!

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“Introducing A Proven New Approach to Owning a Successful Construction Business – And How
You Can Take Advantage
Of It Before Your Competition Does!”

Mark My Words: If You Don’t ACT On This Exciting Business-Building Event for Contractors NOW, You’ll Be Kicking Yourself For Years to Come!

Why re-invent the business wheel when you can learn from the savvy Street Smart Contractors themselves?

Why struggle day-after-day when you can have the proven business model handed to you on a silver platter?

Why keep working for nothing when those that are making HUGE amounts will reveal to how you can do it too?

Listen. The facts don’t lie. As a matter of fact, you’ll hear it straight from my clients who are utilizing my proven business model techniques, ideas and strategies. It just makes sense to learn from the pros that are doing it.

And . . .

After being with them for the first day of the conference, with all of the juicy money-making tidbits you’ll hear and be privy to, I doubt I’ll be able to pry you away from them with a crowbar!

Reality is . . .

If you’re sick and tired of doing it the hard way, getting up every morning for the same old thing, struggling to put money in your account, dealing with headaches, frustrations and putting out fire after fire in your own business, then it’s time to get your hands on the business-building knowledge and blueprints that will enable you to put the past behind you.

But Don’t Forget!

I am so confident, so positive that you’ll be taken-back by the powerful information I’ll reveal to you, that I am offering my exclusive First Lunch 100% Money Back Guarantee Plus . . . Up to $500 in Documented Travel. I have literally removed all the risk of YOU attending!


The truth is, the only reason might be for not attending is possibly you’re afraid of success because all we’re going have at this conference is success-minded owners of construction businesses!

For the last 16 years I’ve been giving this once-a-year business-building event. In all that time, I’ve NEVER had one person dissatisfied. Attendees have ranged from the little mom & pop operation to larger construction firms doing tens of millions of dollars.

Every one of them all stated they learned more in these information packed days than they did in their entire lifetime of doing it the hard way!

However, what does that mean for you?

Participants have held education levels from not graduating from high school to Masters in Business. I’ve even had 3 Certified Public Accountants attend and ALL have raved about the depth of the material they have learned from attending. More than they ever did at college! They raved about how I have simplified and zeroed in on what really makes a construction company successful! That is why I am so confident in giving you my guarantee. You can’t lose; you can only gain by attending.

The reason being is simple, can you . . .

Imagine attending and listening to one or more of my Street Smart Contractors revealing how they made an extra million dollars doing this or that or applying this or that to their business. Imagine now that you suddenly realize that the same idea or ideas will work for you and your business. Isn’t that in itself all the reason you need to attend --- just one GREAT idea that will make you far more money than you are making now or by not attending?

One idea is not just what you will get. I guarantee hundreds of ideas; information, strategies, methods, procedures and processes will be flying by at an unbelievable pace, so many, that it will make you feel like a kid who just got locked up in his favorite toy store overnight. Where do you start first?

Well . . . Here is how you start.

First, you have to attend and that means you must register. And . . . that means money. So allow me to say this. If you’re concerned about the investment to attend, you ought not to be. What you really need to do is realize that what you’ll get in return far outweighs the investment to attend. Really, the investment doesn’t matter.

Don’t Wait and Lose This
Special Pricing!

Register NOW!

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What DOES matter a great deal is what kind of construction business you really want to have, what kind of money do you want to make, what kind of life you want for you and your family, what is it that you really want to acquire … or whether you’re content to be second fiddle to a down economy or the “Johnny-come-lately” to being a success or ready to take charge and do something positive to become a success.

The reality is . . . if you have to be concerned about the investment to attend than maybe you really don’t grasp the magnitude of the opportunity to sit fore-front of the savviest, smartest, brightest, money-making, profit-generating street smart contractors and picking at your convenience their brightest, easiest, money-making ideas for your own use. I don’t know but it seems to me that alone should sell attending this dynamic event itself.

But . . .

To make it even more advantageous for you, I’m extending a strict … and I mean strict … time limited “Pre-Early Bird” discount.”

This Is What No Books, No Seminars,
Or . . . What No Other So-Called Guru
Will Ever Teach You!

For any intelligent, successful minded owner of a construction business this is a brain dead easy decision, which is why so many will be there --- many have already pre-registered a year ago! A number will travel 5, 8, 10, 15 or more hours across this country to be in attendance. Many . . . actually most . . . have already attending past conferences, some 2, 3, 4 or more times! For them, taking the time and money to be here is an investment in their continuing success.

This is it!

This is THE one event and gathering each year (only once a year) exclusively for the successful street smart contractors and those that want to one themselves.

This is THE group you surely want to be a part of, rub elbows (and rub brains) with, find, meet, get to know, do deals with, and learn from. You name it, you want to be here!

But BEWARE! I am limiting this special offer to ONLY 75 Non-Golden Hard Hat Members to attend!

You may feel that you have other pressing financial reasons for not investing in attending this conference, maybe that something you think is a greater priority. Whatever you think those other priorities could be you should never ---NEVER! --- feel guilty or let anyone else make you feel guilty about investing in your future, survival and success. You deserve it! What could be a more important or a more RESPONSIBLE investment than your future and your success?

Don’t Wait and Lose This
Special Pricing!

Register NOW!

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What to do now. Consider where you are in your business. Are you reading this webpage from your office? Are you working late…again? The seminar could literally save your business and give you back your life. I want you to enjoy your business, not be a slave to it. Let me show you how to build your business and earn the rewards that more and more contractors are discovering.

I hope to see you in Sarasota, on Dates to be announced!


Henry Goudreau

Henry Goudreau, C.S.L.

P.S. Will you stay chained to your present 70+ hour work week or join the top 2% of contractors who are finally living the life and running the business they always dreamed of?

Don’t Wait and Lose This
Special Pricing!

Register NOW!

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P.P.S. Did I tell you that in addition to the Early Bird Discount, that you can bring your top employee or attending spouse for only $497.00? That's right, not only will you benefit from the cutting edge information that will transform your business, but your partners or spouse can hear the success stories and learn how you'll be working in the future.

One More Thing. It always helps to have someone in the business who 'speaks the same language.' Take advantage of the top employee/spouse benefit and double your post seminar productivity! Imagine the momentum you'll gain with a partner who 'gets it'. Why not register yourself and a partner right now!

P.P.P.S. In the time that I have been writing this email I have spoken with many of my members and have heard them tell me how much this information, ideas, tactics, strategies and wisdom has profoundly improved their business and lives. The “key” is the information. I assure you, ANYONE can put themselves in this exact same position, only burning desire and the right information required….and THE place to get it is the SUPER Conference. And I’m happy to GUARANTEE that to be true. Simply, anytime through noon of the 1st day of the SUPER Conference, should you feel you are NOT discovering life-changing opportunities, strategies, secrets, resources and contacts, you need only ask to leave with a full and complete refund PLUS up to $500.00 of documented travel expenses reimbursed per company. You see, I’m totally confident and certain of the extraordinary value of the SUPER Conference. I am also going to say something that is very blunt: whether you attend or not will certainly not alter my life or that of my members and attendee’s in any way whatsoever. We’ll do just fine regardless. The only person’s life to be altered here is yours. And that can be by decision or by indecision, by action or by inaction, by curiosity or skepticism, by exploration or self-doubt. I can and will guarantee you won’t make an unproductive investment. But that’s the best I can do. I’ve had so many attendees say to me to me: “I only wish I had discovered all this five years sooner.” I hear that a lot – including from people who got invited to the SUPER Conference once, twice, three times, year after year and chose not to attend….finally did….had their eyes opened to a whole new world. Or even contractors who skipped years then attended and kicked themselves for each year skipped. I sincerely hope you will not make their mistake. But, bluntly, if you do, it will matter only to you. Only you will suffer by not attending.

PPPPS: NOW – A STERN AND SERIOUS WARNING: we have had to turn away people from every SUPER Conference for the past 6 years – more so with each event. As I am writing this, 40% of The SUPER Conference is ALREADY SOLD OUT – thanks to returning alumni who registered immediately before leaving last year’s SUPER Conference. This letter will flood the office with the rest of the registrations, and there is a real, “hard” limit imposed by the hotel capacity. IF YOU WAIT, YOU FACE CERTAIN RISK OF BEING LOCKED OUT. And there are always a handful of my clients or long-time Members who come to me late to intercede and squeeze them in. I cannot do so. In 2011, nearly 100 people were locked out of our sold-out events. YOU NEED TO REGISTER NOW. Also, when the Early Bird discount expires or the 75 people quota filled, it is GONE! Once I’ve hit the limit, it gets pulled and the higher price is what you’ll have to pay.

Don’t Wait and Lose This
Special Pricing!

Register NOW!

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